Lysenkoism in Brussels

The term Lysenkoism refers to a special form of charlatanism, namely the subordination of scientific knowledge to the wishes of politicians. It goes back to

Trofim Denisovich Lysenko
an agricultural scientist in the Soviet Union who advocated a pseudo-scientific doctrine on the breeding of plants. The core of his charlatanism was to deny the importance of hereditary traits (genes). Placed in a leading position by the nomenklatura, he inflicted severe damage on agricultural research in the Soviet Union for several decades. Dissent from other scientists was not tolerated by the party leadership and was personally suppressed by Stalin. Breeding research in the Soviet Union never recovered from this blockade until its collapse.

Something like that can’t happen nowadays? You bet!

Frans Timmermans
is a politician from the Netherlands. As executive vice-president of the EU Commission, he is responsible for the European Green Deal. In this function he leads a campaign of destruction against the internal combustion engine industry. To align the EU institutions with his political course, he uses a scandalous CO2 accounting scam. The core of his charlatanry is to classify electric cars as zero-emission vehicles, although the additional charging electricity is generated far predominantly by fossil, often even coal-fired power plants. In this way, billions in subsidies are wasted on measures that make no sense in terms of climate policy and the de-fossilisation of Europe’s electricity and energy supply is delayed by more than ten years.
Resistance by scientists against this misleading of the public is practically impossible, because anyone who contradicts the politically set all-electric guideline is de facto excluded from new projects and endangers their economic existence.

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